Expat Files: CandyPants Halloween Brunch in Dubai

So Halloween is a pretty big deal for me and most Americans in general.

From childhood thru adulthood, we cherish this time of dressing up, acting like fools, and bingeing on miniature candies. So, imagine my disdain  when I learned there would be no parades, no people aimlessly running through the streets in ghoulish or slutty (or both) costumes this year.

CandyPants Mega Brunch

Yet, there was a glimmer of hope. With Dubai having a very large community of expats, mainly from the UK, Europe and Australia there had to be some sort of safe space where they could wear costumes and get wasted. This glorious place is : CANDYPANTS MEGA BRUNCH! Held at the Grand Habtoor Hotel in JBR, at the hotel’s beach club, XL Dubai, this brunch caters to the expats in more ways than one. Affordable brunch packages starting at 350 AED ($95 USD) and an atmosphere that screams Halloweeen!

The event had sold out months beforehand, but luckily I was able to charm my way into a few seats in the newly expanded restaurant. It wasn’t as epic as past Halloweens done in the States, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Food was decent, drinks were flowing, almost everyone was in costume, DJ was OK, and you could party beachside. Everyone complimented each other’s costumes, danced, sang,  and I felt like finally… Dubai didn’t ruin one of my favorite holidays. And with the plethora of The Dubai Marina highrises as your backdrop, what more could you ask for?

CandyPants Brunch, XL Dubai, Habtoor Grand Beach Resort& Spa (Al Seyahi Street, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai, UAE) +971 4 399 5000, Packages starting at 350 AED (buffet, house spirits, wines, beers), Instagram: @CandypantsDXB

Check out the pictures from CandyPants Halloween MEGA Brunch in Dubai!

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