From Zurich, with Love

So, I just came back from the most incredible trip to Zurich, Switzerland to visit the guy I’ve been dating. He hinted and teased (for weeks might I add..) that he had a wonderful weekend planned and boy did he!

The Lodging

We stayed 3 days/ 2 nights at the romantic and artsy The Dolder Grand Hotel (@TheDolderGrand) located just in the cliffs above Lake Zurich. The view was breathtaking and the hotel was even more beautiful. The hotel is home to some of the most revered and cherished original works of art by the legends themselves, Andy Warhol, Dali, Picasso, and Camille Passaro. It is also home to Zurich’s only 2 Michelin starred restaurant and the luxurious spa voted Best Spa 2015. Regardless if you are an art lover or foodie, the Dolder Grand doesn’t disappoint on either. Interested in staying at the Dolder Grand?

The Food

So my boyfriend is a bit of a foodie and loves fine dining. So during my visit, he made sure to introduce me to some of his favorite restaurants in the city. We ate at the trendy Japanese fusion spot, Tao’s and embraced our carnivorous side with hefty steaks at Rive Gauche. Took on some of the whiskies (and bourbons) of the world at the intimate Widder Hotel Bar and stepped into the land of books & Bordeau at the wine bar at the trendy, B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa. The library here was truly something out of Beauty & the Beast.

The City

Being my first time in Zurich and my third time to Switzerland, I can truly say that Zurich is like the love child of the country mouse and city mouse. Big city shopping, arts and restaurants, yet feels like the countryside with the beautiful and calming lakes, rivers, and snow capped Swiss Alps just a hop and a skip away. Now deemed the most expensive city in the world to live, Zurich city center is filled with high end, luxury shopping options, prized restaurants and lots of fancy cars parked out front. Great museums and art galleries await you sprinkled around the city. Transportation options are endless with public buses, trams, metro, bikes, and taxis being plentiful.

We walked hand in hand around Lake Zurich and thru one of the many public parks. Then a romantic drive thru the mountains to where my boyfriend lives to Zug, just 20 minutes outside of Zurich.

Besides a bit of rain and some freezing winds, the weather for January was quite pleasant. Gave me a winter feel without my fingers falling off. Definitely looking forward to visiting again soon. Planning for trips in the summer and who knows…maybe Zurich could be my next home? Coco Gone Swiss?

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