My Surprise Birthday Roadtrip: Zurich to Milan

So I had the pleasure of being born in the most magnificent month of MAY and this year marks my 29th year on God’s green and most gorgeous Earth. To celebrate, my boyfriend planned to treat me to a surprise birthday roadtrip. In what felt like the most agonizing week, he carefully disseminated clues about the secret destination.

Clue #1

He sent me my flight confirmation for a return flight booked for Dubai-Zurich staying 4 nights. From this, I gathered that we would be staying in Europe and no more than 2 or 3 hours away from Zurich, either by plane, train, boat or car. After 6 hours coming from Dubai, I figured he wouldn’t torture me with another long haul leg.

Clue #2

Of course, as a woman I was most concerned with what to pack! So he told me that the weather forecast for that weekend was between 20-24 degrees Celsius and sunny. I immediately figured Spain, Portugal, or southern France. So of course, I took to Google and looked at a world weather map. Locations that fit the bill? Marrakesh, Milan, London, and a few others. So I waited for the next clue….

Clue #3

He mentioned that one evening we would be having dinner at NOBU. This is the clue that pretty much gave up the location. So there are 32 NOBU Restaurants around the world, but assuming that we would most likely be staying in Europe, this narrowed the locations to 4: London, Milan, Budapest, and Monte Carlo. Russia was out as I’d need a visa for Russia (plus who takes their girlfriend to Russia for her birthday?) The weather forecast knocked out Monte Carlo and Budapest. So this left me with: London & Milan. Of course, London weather is never guaranteed, so my bet was on Milan.

NOBU Restaurants in Europe:

Last clue

He told me the “Thrill level for the weekend is 10/10.” We had previously talked about things on my bucket list months before and this immediately made me think of bungee jumping in Ticino! Ticino is located in the Italian part of Switzerland and is about 2 hours from Zurich and another hour or so from Milan. So I knew that we would be roadtripping to Milan!!

I didn’t reveal that I had figured out the secret until he picked me up from the airport! But to my surprise, we actually stayed 2 nights in Lugano at a beautiful cliffside hotel, went canyoning in Ticino (bungee jumping didn’t quite work out but was planned!), and spent 1 night in Milan at the stunning Armani Hotel!

Check out the full recap video of my Surprise Birthday Roadtrip:

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