Expat Files: My First Month in Switzerland

Living the Swiss Life. Here’s a recap of my first month living in Zug!

Week 1

The beginning of my new Swiss journey started off great! The day after I arrived we took a day trip to the nearby city of Luzern (Lucerne). It’s a very charming city, even in the rain. The main attraction seems to be this bridge. It’s not any new invention, but guess it had its glory day once upon a time. We also stumbled upon the International Petanque tournament being held on the lakeside. It’s like the French version of Bocce ball, but more like “Bocce Ball All-Stars”.

A few days later, my boyfriend and I set off for a  roadtrip thru Italy, visiting sites like: Ascona, a beachfront eco-resort in Lerici, the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre, the Tuscan countrysides of Casole and Siena, and the timeless Milan. So spending 8 of my first 10 days in Italy was a treat! Can’t wait to take more day and weekend trips to Italy!

Week 2

A rainy week. A bit depressing, but optimistic about the adventures to come! Since this is my second move abroad, I didn’t think it would be such a headache to getting up and running. With a new move, comes the anxiety-causing-soul-crushing tasks like getting a phone number, working WiFi, cable with English speaking channels, and finding decent nail and hair salons. Luckily I made it through most of the daunting tasks without any tears bloodshed.

Although, I realized that I was spoiled in terms of customer service comparing Dubai and Zug, The people here are friendly; however I haven’t seen outstanding service. Good, but not great. Guess that’s not really an issue when your country doesn’t have an official minimum wage, but workers earn about 14 Swiss Francs per hour. In 2014, Swiss citizens voted down a referendum that would’ve made the minimum wage 22 Swiss Francs per hour (about $25 USD).  Supporters said the wage increase was essential for people to live a decent life. Had it gotten approval, it would’ve been the highest minimum wage in the world. Currently, Australia has the highest wage at a whopping $15.96 USD per hour before taxes, comparing the USA wage at $7.25 per hour.

Week 3

Finally some sun! I spent the majority of the week indoors working on my blog site update. But I did find some time to go out and enjoy the good weather and explore my new home. I walked around the lake, got lost in Old Town Zug and found some feathered friends. My boyfriend and I went to his hometown of Rotterdam, Holland for the weekend. I got to see Rotterdam from every angle taking a ride on the EuroMast, got to try the infamous Alan & Pim’s restaurant and enjoyed the fireworks over Oostvoorne lake near where Seb grew up. It’s always great to mix family, friends and food!


Week 4

A mix of sun and rain. Again spent the week slaving away working on the new site layout and content. For the weekend, we decided to hit the Zuri Fascht, which is a huge festival across the city of Zurich happening only every three years. The first day it was raining, but we managed to hit the bumper cars, grab some street food and watch the fireworks and sip some bubbly at the ultra-chic gardens at Baur au Lac. We returned the next day to sunshine and huge crowds. The queues were too long for the rides with all the people, so we just walked around the lake, people watched, and enjoy making monster burgers at home while cheering on France in the Euro Cup.

Overall, my first month in Switzerland was pretty awesome. Now, once I get this website done, the real adventures can start! Time to discover the best Switzerland has to offer! #InLoveWithSwitzerland

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