London’s Hottest, Strangest New Restaurant: StreetXO

StreetXO London

I’m always in search of new and exciting food experiences, so during my last trip to London, I had a chance to try out the hottest and quite frankly strangest, new restaurant, StreetXO London. The sister venue to the Madrid restaurant, the Mayfair location offers imaginative Asian-European small plates and cocktails in an offbeat, dramatic surrounding.

We decided to grab the Rolls Royce from our hotel and pull up style. From the street, the restaurant isn’t very visible or inviting. There’s a neon sign above the door that reads “StreetXO” and a random step & repeat out front. We were met by a hostess who took our coats and escorted us downstairs to the dining & bar area. My first thoughts upon entering the dining room were: “Oh, wow, that’s interesting.

It’s 8:30PM on a Saturday night, so I expected the restaurant to be packed.  Buzzing and humming all around, as we approached our seats we dodged servers and waiters dressed in chef’s coats with a straight jacket twist, some with huge platters and ornate cocktail glasses.

Once seated we checked out the “Liquid Cuisine” menu to choose our first beverages for the night. I chose a cocktail made with matcha & apple Mexican “Tiradito”, coriander, jalapenos, mezcal, calvados, and worm salt. I have no idea what half of those ingredients are, but surprisingly, it tasted like one of those chewy apple taffy. My second drink came in a glass shaped like a human heart. Sebastiaan ordered a cocktail that had Pop Rocks and pomegranate seeds! The presentation was creative, but the flavors were lacking.

StreetXO London
Drink your heart out!

I can be quite a picky eater when it comes to choosing restaurants. After looking over the menu, I wasn’t confident I would find much that I would eat. But, I’m willing to try everything at least once. We each ordered a few dishes to share. First up: the Pekinese Dumplings. These were artfully presented on a large piece of paper with strawberry hoisin drizzled on top. I was advised to eat this dish with my hands only and use the dough of the dumpling to soak up the sauce. Naturally I obliged and really quite enjoyed the experience. The dumplings were delicious – the pig’s ear was nice and crispy and was matched perfectly with the hoisin and ali-oliI was hesitant at first, but these ended up being my favorite dish of the night.

Pekinese Dumplings: Crunchy pig’s ear, strawberry hoisin, Ali-oil, and pickles

Each dish came out quickly, one behind the other. We ended up trying 7 dishes in all. Sebastiaan’s favorites of the night was the Lamb Shank and Inside-Out Club Sandwich.

StreetXO London
Museel and Iberian Pork Wrap
StreetXO London
Club Sandwich
StreetXO London
2 parts Chilli Crab
StreetXO London
Lamb shank
StreetXO London
Cold shabu-shabu of cherry gazpacho
StreetXO London
Upside-Down Fried Prawn Carpaccio

Overall, the service was excellent. The atmosphere was extremely loud and busy, but somehow once the food arrives, everything around freezes and you focus on nothing but the dish in front of you. It’s a pretty magical feeling.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I would have them rework the desserts menu a bit and tone down the “inventive cocktails” and focus on the flavors, more than the presentation.

Are you tried StreetXO in London or Mardrid? Share your experience below!


15 Old Burlington Street
Mayfair, London W1S, UK
Phone: +44 20 3096 7555

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