My Week With The Ford Mustang: A Road Trip To Italy

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The wonderful and generous people at Ford of Switzerland graciously let me test drive the iconic Ford Mustang GT Convertible for a week. So, of course I HAD to take it on a road trip!

With my friend, Kendra, we took to the open roads on a week long road trip that would take us from Zurich, Switzerland to Venice, Italy and back. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip
The iconic Ford Mustang GT Convertible (Photo Credit: Ford)

The Machine

You can’t deny the unrefined American flair of the Ford Mustang. There’s a certain feeling you get when you start the engine and hear a Mustang’s iconic purr for the first time. With the Mustang GT’s five-liter, V8 engine, you immediately understand why the powerful roar and wide-eyed acceleration has made this car so legendary and sought after.

Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip
Time to test this baby out!

Living in Switzerland, the land of luxury cars, I never thought that the Mustang would be such a head turner. Whether it was pulling up to petrol station to fill the tank or belting out Beyoncé hits at red lights, we began noticing that all eyes were on us.

Unfortunately, they weren’t hypnotized by our angelic voices, but in awe of the car. As we drove from city to city, we found locals and tourists waving and snapping pictures of the car, which we rightfully nicknamed, Black Beauty.

Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip
The Mustang convertible was the perfect accessory for our road trip

Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip

Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip
The driver’s panel and dashboard


The Road Map

Stop #1:    Lugano, Switzerland
Ford Mustang Road Trip - Lugano - Monte Bre
Views from the funicular heading to Monte Bre

To begin our trip, we spent 2 nights at the beautiful, five-star Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola. The highlights included: a funicular ride to the panoramic summit of Monte Brè, a stroll around Lake Lugano and a delicious dinner in the city center.

Stop #2:    Milan, Italy

We spent just 1 night in Milan, welcomed by the staff at the oh-so-chic, ME Milan Il Duca. We explored Milan by foot, checking out the renowned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Duomo Milano, and enjoyed decadent gelato from the famous gelateria, Venchi.

Ford Mustang Road Trip - Milan
The Duomo Milan
Stop #3:    Verona, Italy

After departing Milan, we decided to stop over in the world renowned Valpolicella wine region. We enjoyed a wine tasting at the Allegrini family’s estate, Villa della Torre. After the tasting, we explored Verona city center, checking out the Arena di Verona and the Casa di Guilietta (Juliet’s House).

Ford Mustang Road Trip - Verona
“Juliet’s Balcony” a must-see when in Verona
Stop #4:    Venice, Italy

To bring the road trip to a close, we stayed 2 nights in Venice. Guests at the Arcadia Boutique Hotel, we explored through the winding alleys and traveled via water ferry on the canals. We ventured out to picturesque Burano, with its colorful homes and stunning, intricate lace work.

Ford Mustang Road Trip - Burano
Closing out an epic journey in Burano!

After six amazing days on the road, we headed back to Zurich to conclude a memorable trip.

The Experience

Overall, the Ford Mustang Convertible was a pleasure to drive and the perfect vehicle for a long road trip. The bucket seats molded to your body and the soft black leather makes these the most comfortable seats ever. They can even be heated or cooled at the touch of a button. The trunk space was adequate for luggage storage. The GPS navigation system allowed for hands-free, streamlined navigation– no need for those ancient paper road maps!

Ford Mustang Road Trip Thru Italy
The narrow Italian streets were a challenge

My only concern was the wideness of the body for the narrow Italian roadways and streets. While navigating the traffic-packed city streets and cobblestone roads, I had to be very space aware and careful not to ding the car. Street parking is minimal, so we parked in public parking garages.

In the parking garages, it seemed like we were parking a tank sometimes. Luckily, Ford installed a nifty rear-facing camera with sensors to ensure you don’t hit anything!

Ford Mustang rear parking camera

Personally, my favorite feature of the car were the night lights. Night lights? Yep, when you open your car door at night, a light underneath the car projects an image of a Mustang on the ground. Not really sure if it serves any practical purpose, but I thought it was cool!

Ford Mustang Road Trip Switzerland to Italy
The infamous “night lights”

You can learn more about the powerful, dynamic Ford Mustang and its specifications here.  Join the conversation about the new Ford Mustang on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


Ford Mustang GT Switzerland-Italy Road Trip
Tops down en route to Venice!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, yet all opinions remain my own.

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  1. I absolutely love that light feature! In college my friend had a mustang but I don’t remember it being that beautiful. This trip looked amazing thanks for posting this recap!

    1. Thanks Tata for reading and showing some love on my post! Yeah I was really surprised the mustangs of today are way bigger, more plush and with tons of features. Almost considered getting one!

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