Why Burano Is The Perfect Day Trip From Venice: 15 Things To Do

15 Things To Do In Burano

The island of Burano, famous for its intricate lace and colorful homes, is just a 45 minute boat ride from Venice, so it makes a fantastic day (or half-day) trip!

Feeling colorful in Burano Italy

Families used to paint their homes in bright colors to designate where their family’s quarters ended and a neighbors began, as well as to make their homes more visible from the sea. The tradition has stuck. Today, Burano is a rainbow of fun, bright colors—and the perfect place for that great Venice photo-up.

The island of Burano, Italy

If you have time to spare in Venice, check out these 15 things to do while in Burano!

  1. Take a stroll thru Piazza Galuppi, the unique square of Burano, where you can have your pick of fish restaurants and souvenir shops. Piazza Galuppi in Burano, Italy
  2. Visit Museo del Merletto, the lace museum, located in a gothic palace, once the seat of the ancient lace school. The museum has some excellent examples of 16th and 17th-century lace, along with the beautiful, lace-trimmed gown worn by Queen Margherita, the Jackie Kennedy of late 19th-century Italy.
     Intricate lace designs made in Burano, Italy
  3. To purchase authentic Burano lace items, head to La Perla, a lace shop on the main street, where handmade products range from tablecloths and doilies to Venetian masks and babies’ booties. Women often are stationed inside, stitching away, so you can even see how it’s done.
  4. Take some romantic photos at Tre Ponti (“Three Bridges”). This wooden bridge connects three canals and three of the most colorful streets in Burano. Standing on the Tre Ponti in Burano
  5. Go under the leaning tower of Burano to realize how sharp is its slope.
  6. Get lost on the colorful streets of Giudecca Via, Via San Mauro and Via San Martino Sinistro. Standing in front of bold red house in Burano
  7. Visit the Church of St. Martin Bishop and the adjacent Chapel of Santa Barbara.
  8. Stop for lunch in Piazza Galuppi and try the risotto de gò, which is the typical Burano’s risotto. The broth in which the rice is cooked and creamed is extracted from the “gò” a fish typical of the Venice lagoon. Or have your pick from any of the many fish and seafood dishesA seafood pasta from Restaurant Galuppi in Burano
  9. Another place you must see is Casa Bepi, the most colorful home on the island and, of course, take some photos of it. The most colorful house in Burano, Casa Bepi
  10. Go to see the Remigio Barbaro’s statue dedicated to the musician Baldassare Galuppi, located in the middle of the square and the sculpture “Waiting for Peace” by the same artist.
  11. Browse around the Istrian stone well in search of prehistoric fossils’ traces. From the well, dating back to 500 and located in the center of the square, it goes out fresh drinking water from a small fountain.
  12. Have a shot (or 2!) of limoncelloHaving limoncello shots in Burano
  13. Catch stunning sunsets of Burano over the lagoon at the old outdoor fish market in Via San Martino Sinistro, in “Campo della Pescheria”.
  14. Go watch the Murano glass “lume” working at New Arte Fuga, which is a shop, but also a small glass factory, located in Via Giudecca 132.
  15. Naturally you can’t leave the island without tasting the “Bussolà” or the “Esse”, Burano’s traditional cookies. Stop in a local bakery to buy a few!
  16. …. did I mention to have a colorful photo shoot?


Getting to Burano from Venice

One vaporetto line runs from Venice to Burano: the 12. The large, express ferry runs from Venice’s San Zaccaria stop (near St. Mark’s), to Burano and Murano, with another stop at Venice’s Fondamente Nove stop. It takes about 45 minutes, and costs €7 per person. A water taxi will set you back much more—around €130 and up, each way.

From Venice, take the number 12 ferry to Burano

Have you been to Burano? Thinking of visiting? Comment below!

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