Las Dalias: The Happy Hippie Market in Ibiza

Las Dalias: The Happy Hippie Market in Ibiza

I’m originally from California, Oakland to be exact, so naturally I’m a hippie at heart. Hippies were a part of a liberal counterculture that manifested in the 1960’s and 1970’s that rejected the idea of mainstream American life. Since then, many aspects of hippie culture have been assimilated by mainstream society. Being a hippie has now been diluted down to dawning flower crowns, wearing crochet crop tops, and going to Coachella. But, it’s so much more than that.

Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, embraced the sexual revolution, and explore altered states of consciousness (albeit with the help of drugs). They rejected the norm and welcomed a lifestyle free from interference and control. They protested and spoke out against the Vietnam War and social injustices.

But in north-east Ibiza, you can find Las Dalias, the island’s only credible hippy market. Open since 1985, the village hall-like venue has seen it all before, from tie-dyed, wide-eyed freaky dancing to free-form drumming, and realigning chakras. Ibiza was once home to a large hippie population, which they referred to as “hairys” due to their long and distressed tresses.

I spent a few hours walking around, taking in all the vibrant colors of items for sale and barter, including clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, musical instruments, spices, records, decorations, accessories, paintings, books, hammocks, handmade shoes, incense and antiques. You can find cool second-hand vintage garb, like patches, denim, and t-shirts. You can even get a quick relaxing massage or get your palm read by a psychic medium.

No one should shop on an empty stomach, so head over to the restaurant area, which hosts a fusion of cuisines of the world, a tapas bar, several bars of drinks, a kiosk of natural juices, homemade pizzas, and a Berber jaima to taste teas and sweets. In the afternoon, it is the moment of the meeting in the “Soul Bar”, where the DJ’s from Las Dalias sound until the market closes.

There were no large crowds as it was low season (in the high season the market easily sees crowds of 20,000), so I easily made my way thru the stalls, dipping in and out, trying to find the perfect… well I had no idea, but I would know once I found it.

I talked to the vendors and listened to their nomadic stories of travel and adventure which fueled my hippie soul. Being that I visited Las Dalias on my 30th birthday, far away from friends and family, I was very homesick and needed a distraction. Las Dalias offered the perfect sanctuary for renewing my mind and spirit.

I left with a Marilyn Monroe top, two pairs of sunnies, a no-label handkerchief dress, and a tribal print wrap maxi. I can’t wait to return!

Las Dalias Happy Hippie Market is open every Saturday April to October, 10AM – 8PM. 


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